Introducing “A Pigeon’s Tale”

Join the pigeon on an illustrated journey into a world where artificial intelligence meets sustainability. Explore the dimensions and implications of artificial intelligence applications for environmental sustainability. Learn about the many key capabilities of AI, as well as the limitations and ethical considerations of this powerful technology. Be creatively inspired as an insider or newcomer to the AI and sustainability debate. Let’s strive for AI that matters. In a good way.

Exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe: the is around the corner

Yannick Hofmann (Kurator/in)
Cecilia Preiß (Kurator/in)
Paul Bethge (, Anne Däuper (Technische Projektleitung), Gregor Gaissmaier, Daniel Heiss, Werner Hutzenlaub, Martin Mangold (Leitung Museums- und Ausstellungstechnik), Marc Schütze, Dan Wilcox (

Demian Bern

Beteiligte Künstler:innen
Giselle Beiguelman, Paul Bethge, Pierre Cutellic alias Compmonks, Adam Donovan, Bernardo Fontes, Katrin Hochschuh, Yannick Hofmann, Nele Konopka, Andreas Kugel, Kristina Laube, Bernd Lintermann, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, El Lukijanov, Bruno Moreschi, Gaëtan Robillard, Julia Schneider, Alexander Schubert, Maria Smigieslska, Dan Wilcox, Lena Ziyal

AI and the Future of Education – Panel Discussion

Integrating artificial intelligence into educational processes and making it usable for study and teaching is highly relevant with regard to future-oriented teaching and learning. On the podium, experts from different professional perspectives shed light on the possibilities and requirements AI offers for universities and the future of education.

✨ ✨ ✨ “NFT’s are down, AI looms: How can creatives keep their cash flowing?”

Join Margaret Warzecha of @studiosmlberlin, @entity_network, @kerler_w and me, as we discuss how artists, designers, writers and illustrators might adapt and maybe even thrive in the evolving technological landscape amidst #GenAI like #ChatGPT, #Midjourney & Co. and #Web3.

💬 How can we navigate these changes and keep creativity alive? Will and can we all become artists one day? Tbc.

Shine Bright: My Journey… so far

Five years ago, I mainly knew that I didn’t fit into the existing cliches and boxes. #science or #art.#footnotes or #ranting.#man or #woman.#chaos or #order.#loveanimals or #lovetechnology. #meaning or #fun.#lettinggo or #commitment.#utopias or #adult.#intuition or #intellect.#comic or #literature.#simplelanguage or #beingintellectual.#numbers and #code or #creativity. And now it’s five years later, and this year alone, six comics by me with different artists and co-authors will be exhibited in twelve loations and ten cities that I haven’t even visited all myself – as far … Continued

Interview on AI and its impact on society

„Traum und Alptraum“

Für die Volkswirtschaftlerin und Comic-Essayistin Julia Schneider ist ChatGPT ein alltäglicher Gesprächspartner. Dennoch warnt die Wissenschaftlerin davor, das Thema zu naiv anzugehen und plädiert für mehr Transparenz – und eine breite Diskussion über Künstliche Intelligenz.

KI und seine Bedeutung für die Kreativwirtschaft

Content & Crémant in Mannheim zum alle Medien beherrschende Thema “KI und seine Bedeutung für die Kreativwirtschaft”. Mit Matthias Strobel von MusicTech Germany und Markus Neckar von Palmer Hargreaves DE. Durch den Abend führte die wundervolle Isabel Sonnabend. Ihr könnt euch den Talk sowohl als Podcast als auch als Videobeitrag noch einmal ansehen oder -hören!

New Release: Coworker or Overlord? A Comic Essay about ChatGPT+

We have all been wondering lately about the impact of large language models like ChatGPTs on us, on society. Join me in my latest comic essay as I reflect on the implications of this technology and its place in our rapidly evolving world. Read the full comic essay now and let’s think together about what ChatGPT might mean for us as a society.

Overcoming the Flaschenhals

We proudly present: A new comic essay about new computing concepts in German With illustrator Noëlle Kröger and in cooperation with the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation SPRIN-D. The enormous challenges that the #digitisation of our lives and the advances in #artificialintelligence pose to hardware are still far too little known. That’s why illustrator … Continued

Release: Schokoroboter und Deepfakes – Ein Comic Essay über Künstliche Intelligenz aus der Perspektive von Jugendlichen

👾 Im #Comic-Essay “We Need to Talk, AI” (mit Lena Ziyal, habe ich ausführlich die Perspektive von Erwachsenen auf #KünstlicheIntelligenz diskutiert: Wie #KI unseren Alltag verändert, wie sie in Zukunft unser Leben elementar beeinflussen könnte oder sollte – und dass es Sinn macht, sich in die Debatte einzumischen. 🧒 Doch was denken junge Menschen über #KI – also die Generation, deren Alltag von … Continued