Julia Schneider aka Doc J Snyder is a Berlin-based comic essayist, PhD economist and former consultant in the field of artificial intelligence. Her handgeschneiderte Comic Essays bridge the gap between intellect and intuition and aim to be profound ‒ but hopefully not didactic. They have been read, bought, quoted, shared, by a wide and passionate audience, exhibited many times in museums and at conferences, and reviewed in the media, both nationally and internationally. Her work reflects on complex topics at the intersection of technology, art, economics, and social change, such as Artificial Intelligence, Work, Money. In her work, Doc J Snyder typically does the brainstorming, conceptualizing, researching, storytelling, and writing ‒ and scribbling associations to the text ‒ sometimes with co-writers, while she enjoys collaborating with various visual artists on the comic art. Equal access to opportunities is important to her. That is why most of her work is under an open license.

Get in touch if you also enjoy approaching complex issues creatively and respectfully – and are tired of cliché:
hello@docjsnyder.net or @docjsnyder on social media

Current projects of interest:

>> A Pigeon’s Tale ‒ A Comic Essay on Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability, with Pauline Cremer, together with Birds on Mars (2023, 12 p., in English and German)

>>Coworker or Overlord? ‒ A Comic Essay about ChatGPT+, with dall-e-2 and ChatGPT (2023, 2 p., in English)

>> The Big Third and the Blockchain ‒ A Comic Essay, inspired by Katrin Becker (2022, 12 p., in English), release 2023 on 1E9

>> Overcoming the Flaschenhals ‒ Ein Comic-Essay zu neuen Computing-Konzepten (Overcoming the Bottleneck ‒ A Comic Essay on New Computing Concepts) with Noëlle Kröger in cooperation with the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (2023, 3 p., in German)

>> AI in a Biased World, comic essay and artistic research project for the South African University of Stellenbosch’s Journal HERRI, Special Theme AI in Africa, illustrated by an AI to use the BIAS inherent in the algorithm, curated by Vulane Mthembu (2023, 1 p., in English)

>> Das Schattenkabinett ‒ Ein Comic-Essay über die Slim Shadies in uns (The Shadow Cabinet ‒ A Comic Essay about the Slim Shadies in all of us) (ongoing project, in German)

Other works:

Book-length comic essays:

>> Schokoroboter und Deepfakes ‒ Ein Comic-Essay über Künstliche Intelligenz aus der Perspektive von Jugendlichen (Chocolate Robots and Deepfakes ‒ A Comic Essay on Artificial Intelligence from the Perspective of Teenagers) with Nele Konopka and Kristina Laube (2022, 80 p., in German)

>> The Non-Fungible Comic ‒ A Comic Essay about Non-Fungible Tokens, with Noëlle Kröger (2022, 56 p., in English, exhibition and digital release at re:publica22, release in print at 1E9 conference)

>> Money Matters ‒ A Comic Essay about Money, with Pauline Cremer and Miriam Beblo (2021, 164 p., in German)

>> We Need to Talk, AI ‒ A Comic Essay on Artificial Intelligence, with Lena Kadriye Ziyal (2019, 56 p., in English, German (“KI, wir müssen reden – Ein Comic Essay über Künstliche Intelligenz”),Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Slovenian and Czech, and as open online course)

>> The Corona Scribbles, a Comic Column about Life in times of Corona, on 1E9 magazine (April 2020-May 2023, 31 episodes, in German)

Shorter comic essays:

>> Urheberrechte, oder: On the Shoulders of Giants – A Comic Essay about Copyright, with Karina Filusch, Eric Eitel and Nele Konopka (2022, 3 p., in German)

>> #teilenstattsplitten ‒ ein Comic über das Ehegattensplitting (a Comic Essay about German Tax Splitting for Spouses), with Pauline Cremer, Miriam Beblo, Jutta Allmendinger, Janina Kugel and Monika Schnitzer (2021, 3 p., in German)

>> Abtreibung ‒ ein Comic Essay, with Maren Burkhardt (2020, 2 p., in German)

On this subpage, you’ll find three of my most important comic essays in German.

Other projects:

>> AI 🐂💩 Bingo ‒ A playful intervention for panels, keynotes and workshops on Artificial Intelligence, with Katrin Fritsch and Theresa Reimann-Dubbers (2022, 4 variations of cards, in English)

Sample press coverage:

Introducing “A Pigeon’s Tale”

Join the pigeon on an illustrated journey into a world where artificial intelligence meets sustainability. Explore the dimensions and implications of artificial intelligence applications for environmental sustainability. Learn about the many key capabilities of AI, as well as the limitations and ethical considerations of this powerful technology. Be creatively inspired as an insider or newcomer … Read more

Exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe: the intelligent.museum is around the corner

Yannick Hofmann (Kurator/in) Cecilia Preiß (Kurator/in) Ausstellungsteam Paul Bethge (intelligent.museum), Anne Däuper (Technische Projektleitung), Gregor Gaissmaier, Daniel Heiss, Werner Hutzenlaub, Martin Mangold (Leitung Museums- und Ausstellungstechnik), Marc Schütze, Dan Wilcox (intelligent.museum) Graphikdesign Demian Bern Beteiligte Künstler:innen Giselle Beiguelman, Paul Bethge, Pierre Cutellic alias Compmonks, Adam Donovan, Bernardo Fontes, Katrin Hochschuh, Yannick Hofmann, Nele Konopka, Andreas … Read more

AI and the Future of Education – Panel Discussion

Integrating artificial intelligence into educational processes and making it usable for study and teaching is highly relevant with regard to future-oriented teaching and learning. On the podium, experts from different professional perspectives shed light on the possibilities and requirements AI offers for universities and the future of education.

✨ ✨ ✨ “NFT’s are down, AI looms: How can creatives keep their cash flowing?”

Join Margaret Warzecha of @studiosmlberlin, @entity_network, @kerler_w and me, as we discuss how artists, designers, writers and illustrators might adapt and maybe even thrive in the evolving technological landscape amidst #GenAI like #ChatGPT, #Midjourney & Co. and #Web3. 💬 How can we navigate these changes and keep creativity alive? Will and can we all become … Read more

Interview on AI and its impact on society

„Traum und Alptraum“ Für die Volkswirtschaftlerin und Comic-Essayistin Julia Schneider ist ChatGPT ein alltäglicher Gesprächspartner. Dennoch warnt die Wissenschaftlerin davor, das Thema zu naiv anzugehen und plädiert für mehr Transparenz – und eine breite Diskussion über Künstliche Intelligenz.

KI und seine Bedeutung für die Kreativwirtschaft

Content & Crémant in Mannheim zum alle Medien beherrschende Thema "KI und seine Bedeutung für die Kreativwirtschaft". Mit Matthias Strobel von MusicTech Germany und Markus Neckar von Palmer Hargreaves DE. Durch den Abend führte die wundervolle Isabel Sonnabend. Ihr könnt euch den Talk sowohl als Podcast als auch als Videobeitrag noch einmal ansehen oder -hören!

New Release: Coworker or Overlord? A Comic Essay about ChatGPT+

We have all been wondering lately about the impact of large language models like ChatGPTs on us, on society. Join me in my latest comic essay as I reflect on the implications of this technology and its place in our rapidly evolving world. Read the full comic essay now and let’s think together about what … Read more

Overcoming the Flaschenhals

We proudly present: A new comic essay about new computing concepts in German With illustrator Noëlle Kröger and in cooperation with the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation SPRIN-D. The enormous challenges that the #digitisation of our lives and the advances in #artificialintelligence pose to hardware are still far too little known. That's why illustrator … Read more

Release: Schokoroboter und Deepfakes – Ein Comic Essay über Künstliche Intelligenz aus der Perspektive von Jugendlichen

👾 Im #Comic-Essay "We Need to Talk, AI" (mit Lena Ziyal, weneedtotalk.ai) habe ich ausführlich die Perspektive von Erwachsenen auf #KünstlicheIntelligenz diskutiert: Wie #KI unseren Alltag verändert, wie sie in Zukunft unser Leben elementar beeinflussen könnte oder sollte – und dass es Sinn macht, sich in die Debatte einzumischen. 🧒 Doch was denken junge Menschen über #KI – also die Generation, deren Alltag von … Read more

Review and Release: Copyright, or On the Shoulders of Giants

A Comic Essay (3 p., in German) with Eric Eitel, Karina Filusch and Nele KonopkaCC-licensedBerlin, October 2022

“The Big Third and the Blockchain” – A Comic Essay

Sneak Release September 2022 Inspired by Katrin Becker

The Non-Fungible Comic as Oversized Exhibition

At re:publica and .txt, June 2022, Berlin

Release: Non-Fungible Comic – A Comic Essay on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Available on https://www.nonfungiblecomic.org, in English, 64 pages With Noëlle Kröger Berlin/Hamburg, June 2022

Interview with CCB Magazine

June 2022 On the release and content of our Non-Fungible Comic on NFTs. NFT – what is that actually? And what does it have in store for artists?

Interview with irights.org on self-publishing and Creative Commons

July 2022

Talk at txt_conference

After re:publica is before txt_conference: A talk about our experiences with #OpenAccess, #CCLicenses and #selfpublishing of #comic essays. #weneedtotalkai #moneymatters #nonfungiblecomic

Release and Exhibition of Non-Fungible Comic

With Noelle Kröger at re:publica 22, June 2022, Berlin "Trial and Error Space": Moderation: Eric Eitel

Exhibition of the Non-Fungible Comic

At the 1E9 #FestivalderZukunft, München, Juli 2022: The new comic essay by Noelle Kröger and me – classifiying #Web3 with a critical but also playful eye! And here's the comic: http://nonfungiblecomic.org

AI 🐂💩Bingo

Our favorite AI #sciencecomm phrases, as a playful intervention for conferences – for all under open license. #aibullshitbingo

Artist Talk on our Non-Fungible Comic

Our artist talk on the first "Non-Fungible #Comic" about #NFT at the Berlin artist bar and artistic research institution DAS KAPiTAL to watch. For those who prefer reading: http://nonfungiblecomic.org.

We Need to Talk, AI!

Guest article for Forbes (May 2022, in German)

Künstliche Intelligenz: Revolutionär oder nur gehyped?

Panel @Deutsches Museum

Collaboration: Campaign against joint tax deductions for married couples (“Ehegattensplitting”)

with Jutta Allmendinger, Janina Kugel und Monika Schnitzer

Yay! Money Matters became Book of the Month!


Release: Money Matters – A Comic Essay about Money

Cover Money Matters
Available on moneymatters.art, 164 pages, in German Together with Pauline Cremer and Miriam Beblo Berlin, 15.09.2021

Radio Interview

radioeins Interview
radioeins with Nancy Fischer, 13.09.2021, Berlin

TV Portrait


TV Portrait


in the German daily newspaper Tagesspiegel March 2021

Internet Health Report 2020

Exhibition Human Sovereignty

Bratislava, Robota Center, 2020


Video screen of youtube interview with aksioma.org
Streaming event in Oct. 20 about We Need to Talk, AI available on Youtube In July 2020 Aksioma, together with the Youth and Cultural Center in Maribor, published the Slovenian translation in the framework of konS – Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art with the idea of distributing it as a free educational material in schools and libraries throughout … Read more

Tenemos que Hablar, IA

Since today, the Spanish version of weneedtotalk.ai can be read, downloaded and shared for free on the website.

Disruption: Essay in the Annual Report 2019 of the Stiftung Niedersachsen

Community Spotlight

Monthly Briefing of Hochschulforum Digitalisierung

The Corona Scribbles

Ongoing comic essay on the digital platform and think tank 1E9

“KI, wir müssen reden” at SpyOnMe#2

by Theater HAU Berlin, 2020

Meet-Up at KI-Campus, Stifterverband

Berlin February 19, 2020

Review at fluter

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung Berlin, 2020

Exhibition at Netzpolitik-Konferenz “That’s Netzpolitik”

Berlin, 2019

Exhibition and Release at Creative City Berlin print magazine “The Big Good Future #2”

Berlin, 2019

Exhibition and Discussion at the “AI-Camp 2019”

Research Convention for Young Scientists under 30, by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Society for Computer Science (GI) Berlin, 2019

Meet-Up at Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, Stifterverband

Berlin, 2019

Release of “KI, wir müssen reden”

Berlin, 2019

Interview on “KI, wir müssen reden”

with RAILS – Robotics and AI Law Society

Exhibition and Talk at Futurium

together with AI Oracle Berlin, 2019

Exhibition in Hamburg-Altona’s bookstore “ZweiEinsDrei”

Hamburg, 2019

Live Radio Show at Goethe Institute’s Kultursymposium

Weimar, 2019

Kultur Magazine 29 by Goethe-Institut Australia

Sydney, 2019

Exhibition at Turing-Bus for AI

Germany, 2019

TV-Interview at Museum of Communication

with rbb Abendschau Berlin, 2019

Interview with MDR

Berlin, 2019

Review at netzpolitik.org

Berlin, 2019

Presentation of “We Need to Talk, AI”

Berlin, 2019

ComicInvasion Podcast

with ComicInvasion Berlin, 2019

Review at Süddeutsche Zeitung

Release, Talk and Exibition of “We Need to Talk, AI” at re:publica19

Berlin, 2019

Talk: We Need to Talk AI: Ein Einblick in die Entstehung des Comic Essays

at re:publica Berlin, 2019

Radio-Day “Artificial Intelligence”

at radioeins Berlin, 2019

Review at 1E9

München, 2019

Panel Event at Museum of Work, Hamburg: The Genuinely Human – Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

Colloquium on “Artistic Intelligence”

at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society Berlin, 2019

Meet-Up at Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, Stifterverband

Berlin 2019