As a curious aficionada of comics, data, art and storytelling in any form, I prefer comic essays in particular to approach a complex, controversial topic. I see it as a playful, subjective impulse, as an invitation to form your own opinion. To this end, I also draw on my experience in preparing and condensing complex topics as a scientist and consultant in the fields of economics, innovation and data science. I enjoy working in networks to combine diverse skills and experiences. I am also member of the scientific committee of the VDEI Association of the Exoskeleton Industry e.V., of the network efas – economy, feminism and science, and the Track Team Science and Technology of re:publica.

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„Die Corona Scribbles – ein Comic Kaleidoskop“ & „Money Matters: Financial Literacy 5.0″ with Pauline Cremer and Miriam Beblo

“KI, wir müssen reden” at SpyOnMe#2

by Theater HAU Berlin, 2020

Meet-Up at KI-Campus, Stifterverband

Berlin February 19, 2020

Review at fluter

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung Berlin, 2020

Exhibition at Netzpolitik-Konferenz “That’s Netzpolitik”

Berlin, 2019

Exhibition and Release at Creative City Berlin print magazine “The Big Good Future #2”

Berlin, 2019

Exhibition and Discussion at the “AI-Camp 2019”

Research Convention for Young Scientists under 30, by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Society for Computer Science (GI) Berlin, 2019

Meet-Up at Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, Stifterverband

Berlin, 2019

Release of “KI, wir müssen reden”

Berlin, 2019

Interview on “KI, wir müssen reden”

with RAILS – Robotics and AI Law Society

Exhibition and Talk at Futurium

together with AI Oracle Berlin, 2019

Exhibition in Hamburg-Altona’s bookstore “ZweiEinsDrei”

Hamburg, 2019

Live Radio Show at Goethe Institute’s Kultursymposium

Weimar, 2019

Kultur Magazine 29 by Goethe-Institut Australia

Sydney, 2019

Exhibition at Turing-Bus for AI

Germany, 2019

TV-Interview at Museum of Communication

with rbb Abendschau Berlin, 2019

Interview with MDR

Berlin, 2019

Review at

Berlin, 2019

Presentation of “We Need to Talk, AI”

Berlin, 2019

ComicInvasion Podcast

with ComicInvasion Berlin, 2019

Review at Süddeutsche Zeitung

Release, Talk and Exibition of “We Need to Talk, AI” at re:publica19

Berlin, 2019

Talk: We Need to Talk AI: Ein Einblick in die Entstehung des Comic Essays

at re:publica Berlin, 2019

Radio-Day “Artificial Intelligence”

at radioeins Berlin, 2019

Review at 1E9

München, 2019

Panel Event at Museum of Work, Hamburg: The Genuinely Human – Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

Colloquium on “Artistic Intelligence”

at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society Berlin, 2019

Meet-Up at Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, Stifterverband

Berlin 2019