My name is Julia Schneider aka Doc J Snyder. I am a comic essayist and a doctor of economics. Check out my latest comic essay Money Matters if you would like to know more about money and/or you are always wondering how powerful money is (with Pauline Cremer and Miriam Beblo, available in German so far). My best known work to date is the comic essay on artificial intelligence We Need to Talk, AI” (with Lena Kadriye Ziyal, available in English, German, Turkish, Spanish & Slovenian, and as open online course). Bridging the gap between intellect and intuition, I try to convey complex topics through a few graphics and pointed texts. For the content of my works, I tap into my own interests and the knowledge I have gained from my work in academic economics and data science. (And somewhere or another, my expertise as a professional curtain and draperies salesperson – indeed – might factor in.)

Reach out if you like to approach complex issues with creativity, curiosity, and respect – and if you’re bored with clichés. I really enjoy such company: or @docjsnyder on social media

Right now I am interested in:

>> The comic book Money Matters – A Comic Essay about Money with Pauline Cremer and Miriam Beblo (out now!)

>> the Corona Scribbles, an ongoing comic column about life in times of Corona, launched in April ’20 on 1E9 magazine (in German)

>> and all sorts of other things that inspire me.

As seen in

Künstliche Intelligenz: Revolutionär oder nur gehyped?

Panel @Deutsches Museum

Collaboration: Campaign against joint tax deductions for married couples (“Ehegattensplitting”)

with Jutta Allmendinger, Janina Kugel und Monika Schnitzer

Yay! Money Matters became Book of the Month!

Release: Money Matters – A Comic Essay about Money

Cover Money Matters
Available on, 164 pages, in German so far Together with Pauline Cremer and Miriam Beblo Berlin, 15.09.2021

Radio Interview

radioeins Interview
radioeins with Nancy Fischer, 13.09.2021, Berlin

TV Portrait


TV Portrait


in the German daily newspaper Tagesspiegel March 2021

Internet Health Report 2020

Exhibition Human Sovereignty

Bratislava, Robota Center, 2020


Video screen of youtube interview with
Streaming event in Oct. 20 about We Need to Talk, AI available on Youtube In July 2020 Aksioma, together with the Youth and Cultural Center in Maribor, published the Slovenian translation in the framework of konS – Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art with the idea of distributing it as a free educational material in schools and libraries throughout … Read more

Tenemos que Hablar, IA

Since today, the Spanish version of can be read, downloaded and shared for free on the website.

Disruption: Essay in the Annual Report 2019 of the Stiftung Niedersachsen

Community Spotlight

Monthly Briefing of Hochschulforum Digitalisierung

The Corona Scribbles

Ongoing comic essay on the digital platform and think tank 1E9

“KI, wir müssen reden” at SpyOnMe#2

by Theater HAU Berlin, 2020

Meet-Up at KI-Campus, Stifterverband

Berlin February 19, 2020

Review at fluter

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung Berlin, 2020

Exhibition at Netzpolitik-Konferenz “That’s Netzpolitik”

Berlin, 2019

Exhibition and Release at Creative City Berlin print magazine “The Big Good Future #2”

Berlin, 2019

Exhibition and Discussion at the “AI-Camp 2019”

Research Convention for Young Scientists under 30, by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Society for Computer Science (GI) Berlin, 2019

Meet-Up at Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, Stifterverband

Berlin, 2019

Release of “KI, wir müssen reden”

Berlin, 2019

Interview on “KI, wir müssen reden”

with RAILS – Robotics and AI Law Society

Exhibition and Talk at Futurium

together with AI Oracle Berlin, 2019

Exhibition in Hamburg-Altona’s bookstore “ZweiEinsDrei”

Hamburg, 2019

Live Radio Show at Goethe Institute’s Kultursymposium

Weimar, 2019

Kultur Magazine 29 by Goethe-Institut Australia

Sydney, 2019

Exhibition at Turing-Bus for AI

Germany, 2019

TV-Interview at Museum of Communication

with rbb Abendschau Berlin, 2019

Interview with MDR

Berlin, 2019

Review at

Berlin, 2019

Presentation of “We Need to Talk, AI”

Berlin, 2019

ComicInvasion Podcast

with ComicInvasion Berlin, 2019

Review at Süddeutsche Zeitung

Release, Talk and Exibition of “We Need to Talk, AI” at re:publica19

Berlin, 2019

Talk: We Need to Talk AI: Ein Einblick in die Entstehung des Comic Essays

at re:publica Berlin, 2019

Radio-Day “Artificial Intelligence”

at radioeins Berlin, 2019

Review at 1E9

München, 2019

Panel Event at Museum of Work, Hamburg: The Genuinely Human – Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

Colloquium on “Artistic Intelligence”

at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society Berlin, 2019

Meet-Up at Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, Stifterverband

Berlin 2019